Step Sixteen: Fasting: 24-Hour Versus 3-Day

detox Jan 21, 2020

Fasting to improve health dates back thousands of years, with Hippocrates and Plato among the earliest advocates.  There are many different types of fasts, as well as many different reasons why people fast, including for spiritual purposes. In this post we’ll focus on the health benefits.

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Often people ask what the beneficial difference is between 24-hr fast and a 3-day fast.  24-hr or intermittent fasting has been shown to help with weight loss, lowering blood sugar, lowering cholesterol and many other healthy effects.

For people who have little or no experience in fasting, the 24-hour fast is a great place to begin.  It’s easier to set your mind to, and if you are consistent with doing one 24-hr fast per week for a month then you can start to experiment with longer fasts. 

There is a research study conducted on the difference between short (i.e. 24-hr fast) and prolonged fasting (longer than 48 hours). A key finding in this research is that you have to fast for several days to get any benefit: basically, you have to fully deplete your energy reserves (in the form of glycogen), and it takes your body at least 24 hours, and probably 48 hours or more, to do this. This is much harder than a 1-day fast, which many people do routinely. (Source



Longer fasts of 3 days or more have proven additional beneficial effects on overall health.  Be prepared, however – on a 3-day fast there is a higher probability of mental and emotional symptoms. 

Often times we distract ourselves with food and external circumstances so we won’t have to deal with our emotions. When we fast, we eliminate a source of distractions, allowing room for things to come up and be released.  So you may feel irritable at times, or you may feel uplifted and energetic. This depends on many variables including overall health and lifestyle as well as toxin exposure and much more. 

Three-day fasts have additional benefits such as improving immune function, longevity and digestion.

Fasting may be harmful to those who have certain health issues. If you are seriously considering fasting, you should consult your doctor first. (Source)


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