Step Five: Exercise to Detoxify Your Body

detox Dec 03, 2019

This is the third post in a 20-part series about how to detox your body, life and spirit. Make sure to check out the first post in the series, which also lists all 20 steps of the detox program. You can also subscribe to be notified of future posts, and sign up to receive my free 67-page detox e-book.

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Regular exercise is key to a healthy body and mind. It doesn’t have to be hard core – adding just 30 minutes of brisk walking can help you turn the corner towards health.

  • Do you exercise regularly?
  • Can’t exercise due to your health condition?
  • Can’t summon the energy to go to the gym?
  • Have no time for exercising?

Read on for the benefits of exercise, tips to fit it into a busy schedule, and more.





Even if you feel extremely fatigued or don’t feel like moving your body, please consider adding some walking to your daily routine if possible.

Exercise releases endorphins, which give you that “just finished a workout” glow and sense of euphoria. Once you get started and get into the flow of it, consistency can easily be achieved.

Endorphins are essential for a happy balanced life. They effect neuro-endocrine pathways that otherwise suffer without it! Endorphins alleviate depression sadness and malaise. People who exercise are statistically happier and enjoy elevated moods, more balanced expression of emotions and a brighter outlook on living.

Endorphins are generated in the brain through neurotransmitter activity. They have been found to alleviate pain by way of analgesic mechanisms. Did you know that endorphins:

  • Are peptides that bind to opiate receptors
  • Create a sense of elation in the body
  • Have the ability to override feelings of sadness and complacency


However, the more time you take off from exercise the harder it is to return to the rhythm. Consistency is key!

Dedicating a routine such as 30 minutes and up to 2 hours per day of movement can benefit your health, mood, and self esteem tremendously. Exercise is meditative once you establish stamina and build endurance.

Exercise in one form or another is crucial for proper functioning of all biochemical systems. It increases blood flow, increasing oxygen and vital nutrients and thereby enhance the overall functioning of the body’s biochemical processes.



Here are some great options to explore:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
  • Walking/Running/Jogging
  • Hiking
  • Dancing
  • Barre
  • Biking/Cycling/Spinning
  • Rollerblading
  • Weight training
  • Cardio Classes
  • Swimming
  • Martial Arts

If you enjoyed this post, which is the third in a series of 20 detox methods, make sure to check out the first post in the series, which lists all 20 steps. Make sure to subscribe to be notified of future posts, and sign up to receive my free 67-page detox e-book.


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